Veja essas ideias li


Veja essas ideias lindas de maquiagens coloridas para copiar já! Entre na moda de Euphoria e aposte nas makes divertidas! Via maquiagem colorida, euphoria, maquiagem neon, ideias, fotos, como fazer, tutorial #maquiagem #makeup #euphoria #maquiagemcolorida #beleza


  1. Posted by friendlyneighborhoodbiderman, — Reply

    this is sooooo sticky and hard to blink, if you have hay fever and drippy eyes DON'T do it

  2. Posted by katarans05, — Reply

    the hell is on her face? lip gloss? im confusion

  3. Posted by rebeccasenis85, — Reply

    She got the london look

  4. Posted by barbawrella, — Reply


  5. Posted by kakejisoo, — Reply

    무례하지 마십시오

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